Liposuction: Legs Ankles

Liposuction of Legs & Ankles

Calves and ankles are the toughest areas of fat accumulation. The stubborn fat pockets in these areas just refuse to go by any weight reducing means. It is mainly because these areas can be genetically prone to fat accumulation which is very hard to break.

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Liposuction can now reduce the bulky look of the calves and result in slimmer, tapering lower legs. It is definitely not a substitute of weight loss, but is performed to rediscover a patients natural beauty by removing the stubborn fat pockets from the target areas.

Legs and ankles are highly interlinked areas and their liposuction procedure is generally performed together to maintain the overall proportion of the lower leg. It is also required to perform this as a single procedure for the most pleasing results. Sometimes it may also be required to perform liposuction of the knees and thighs to contour the entire leg.


Legs are first classified into either circumferential (whole leg is considered fatty) or localized (specific fatty areas) heavy legs. The target areas are very well marked with patient in different positions. The demarcation is done to differentiate the thickness of the fat bulges from the underlying muscles and tendons. The procedure is done under anesthesia and thin steel tube called cannula is gently inserted into the fat layer of the calves or ankles. Cannula is carefully moved back and forth through the fat layer. This movement of cannula breaks up the fat cells, which are then sucked out of the body. The procedure needs to be done very precisely to maintain the unique shape of target areas.

Who is the Ideal candidate for Liposuction of Legs & Ankles?

  • Healthy male of females between 20-30 years with good skin tone
  • Older individuals with good skin tone

What are the contraindications for Liposuction of Legs & Ankles?

Male or female individuals with

  • History of hyper-coagulation including deep venous thrombosis or thromboembolic events
  • Active phlebitis
  • Signs of a tendency toward venous insufficiency & edema
  • Larger lower extremities secondary to hypertrophy of muscle tissue


Once considered a troubled procedure with lots of complications, liposuction of legs and ankles have evolved with advances in technology and is now a safe procedure that gives following results:

  • Improved outcomes and patient satisfaction
  • Slimmer and more beautiful shape to lower legs
  • Minimal complications
  • Slower and longer recovery (due to dependent position of the legs and the increased tendency for edema)