Double Chin Surgery

Double chin or submental fullness is characterized by extra layers of fat below your chin, which can completely derail your streamlined facial profile and can be quite embarrassing as it makes you look aged and overweight. Some common features of double chin include an extra layer of skin in the chin area, recessive chin, and lower face laxity.

A variety of factors such as your genes, excess fat, aging, can cause double chin or submental fullness. An unbalanced diet of fast foods that are rich in fats and refined carbohydrates, can lead young individuals to develop excess fats in their neck area

The various treatment options to reduce the appearance of double chin include, procedures such as Fat Dissolving Injections, MicroLipo, Laser Lipo, Vaser Lipo, and Neck-lift. The surgeon will decide the best possible treatment for the patient based on their diagnosis.

Double chin surgery performed by Board-certified expert plastic surgeons offers both health and aesthetic benefits for the patients such as

  • Reduction of neck fullness
  • Well-defined neck angle
  • Skin becoming fresh and tight than before
  • Reduction in neck fullness
  • Enhanced facial profile
  • Increased self-confidence