Butt Augmentation

A well rounded, shapely buttock increases your attraction quotient and gives you an endearing appeal and confidence especially, when you wear well-fitting clothes.

Despite the amount of exercise, you do and the lifestyle modifications you undertake, there is no surety that you will achieve the shape you are aspiring for, as your genes primarily determine the shape of your body.

A board-certified, expert plastic surgeon with a rich experience in body contouring procedures, can offer you the best solution if your desire is to achieve a fuller, rounder butt. Butt augmentation involves either the Brazilian Butt Lift (Autologous Fat Transfer) or Buttock Implants.

The Brazilian Butt Lift has become one of the fastest growing cosmetic surgery procedures around the world as it combines contouring and narrowing of the tummy, flanks and lower back with enhancement of the buttocks, giving you the Kim Kardashian shape! If you are extremely thin and if there is insufficient fat to transfer to buttock then a Silicone Buttock Implant inserted through nearly hidden cuts, is what will be needed for you to have butt enhancement.