Arm Lift Surgery or Brachioplasty

Familial tendencies, aging and weight loss can leave you with fat flabby arms, that have an excess of both fat and skin. This deformity can extend from the armpit to the elbow and sometimes onto the chest.

People with this problem struggle with wearing sleeveless clothes or exposing their arm in public, as they look completely out of proportion to their forearms and hands. This can make them become extremely self-conscious and cause them to lose their self-esteem.

Brachioplasty or Arm lift is the perfect solution for these individuals to get rid of their excess, sagging skin, and fat. Brachioplasty procedure removes excess fat and skin, thereby allowing your arms to be in an improved proportion to the rest of your body.

Arm lift surgery from a highly qualified cosmetic surgeon will help improve the contour of your arms, leaving you with more youthful, taut arms.